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A sample toolkit that demonstrates how to package a compute intensive solution using Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK, deploy and run in a seamless way which automates a lot of the steps that need to be done manually.

A common need we have observed throughout the HPC projects we have worked on is the ability to provide a package to the customer that they can deploy to their own Azure subscription to run the HPC solution.
Such a need requires a generic cluster deployment solution that can be driven from a client computer, and also client utilities to run, monitor jobs on that cluster and get their results.
This project’s goal is to provide the starting point for an open source solution that will be available to the community to continue developing.
The main areas will be:

  • Make a cluster deployment
  • Submit jobs to the deployed cluster
  • Monitor the jobs submitted to the cluster
  • Download the results of a completed job

All of this functionality will be available through Powershell cmdlets.

Please refer to the document for a more detailed description of the package in the downloads section.

Heads up: After you download the drop from the downloads section, please right click on the file and unblock it.


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